Recht & Governance

Kaspar SutterPractice

Advice, expertise and court forensic activities in Constitutional and Administrative Law, such as:

  • Municipal Law
  • Charges and Fees Law
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Education Law
  • Public Welfare Law
  • Police Law
  • State Liability

Legal Consultation

  • On-call legal advice and brief assessments via telephone (in-house lawyer)
  • Rough assessment and identification of pertinent (legal) issues
  • Proposals on how to proceed

Managing Director and Member of the Foundation Board for Foundations

  • Establishment and re-organisation of foundations (concept and structure, foundation regulations)
  • Management according to the principles of governance and sustainability
  • Asset management (in particular drawing up investment strategies; correspondance with authorities and external advisors; accounting, including annual financial statements and annual account)
  • Sponsorship activities (application review, evaluation and controlling of sponsored projects)
  • Member of the Foundation Board (strategic management of foundations, member of the Investment Advisory Board)

Reform Projects Assistance

  • Organisation of nonprofit organisations
  • State and municipal organisation / political structures
  • Completion and delegation of public tasks

Investigations in Public Administration

  • Supervisory investigations for cantons, cantonal organisations and municipalities
  • Assist investigations of municipal supervisory bodies


  • University of Bern (State and Administrative Law)
  • Conduct of seminars


  • Postdoctoral qualification (Habilitation: Vertrauen im Recht)
  • Publications