Recht & Governance

Mirjam StreckerPractice

Advice, expertise and forensic activities in Constitutional and Administrative Law, such as:

  • State organisation
  • Election and referendum procedures
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Municipal Law
  • General Administrative Law
  • Public Employment Law
  • Charges and Fees Law
  • Procedural Law

Legal consultation

  • On-call legal advice and brief assessments via telephone (in-house lawyer)
  • Rough assessment and identification of pertinent (legal) issues
  • Proposals on how to proceed

Elaborating studies / assisting reform projects in the following areas:

  • State and municipal organisation / political structures
  • Cooperation and issues of Equalisation in Functional Areas
  • Multi-Level Governance
  • Intermunicipal and intercantonal cooperation
  • Mergers of Municipalities

Research and project assistance in Transition and Developing Countries (Kosovo, Madagascar, Macedonia, Pakistan, Serbia, Tajikistan) in the following areas:

  • State Building / Decentralisation / Local Governance
  • Good Governance

Participation in legislative processes

  • Handling of sub-projects for the Confederation and cantons
  • Drafting  bills or participation in municipal legislation processes

Administrative investigations

  • Fact-finding according to Municipal Law
  • Supervisory investigations for cantons and municipalities

Lecturer at the Bildungszentrum für Wirtschaft und Dienstleistung bwd (Training Centre for Economy and Service), Bern