Recht & Governance

Ueli Seewer, KonsulentPractice


  • Elaboration and organisation of a new accounting (HRM1) for municipalities in the canton of Bern
  • Cooperation in developing conceptual basis for the cantonal legislation on municipal finance and accounting
  • Support to the pilot projects in bernese municipalities in the area of New Public Management
  • Different management projects in municipalities (task review, make or buy, processes for developing objectives, organisation, accounting,etc.)
  • Cooperation in the project “synergies between spatial planning and finances at the municipal level” of the cantonal office for municipalities and spatial planning
  • Assignments abroad (support to local administrations in hungary) in the framework of the federal program to intensify cooperation with countries in east and middle Europe
  • Lecturer in different institutions (vocational school for administration, training centre for municipal cadres, etc.)
  • Lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Science (Economy and Administration, Module Public Finance; until 2013)