Recht & Governance

Daniel ArnPractice

Consultation / Assistance to Reform Projects / Studies

  • Municipal reforms (organisation, political structures, special funding, governance models, inter-municipal cooperation, outsourcing, mergers, founding municipal corporations)
  • Developing and founding organisations in functional spaces (Multilevel Governance, organisations in areas of action, regional conferences)
  • Identification and Assessment of legal issues in the areas of Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Coordination of reform processes, direction of projects

Legal consultation

  • On-call legal advice and brief assessments via telephone (in-house lawyer)
  • Rough assessment and identification of pertinent (legal) issues
  • Proposals on how to proceed

Legal Opinions

  • Budget Law
  • Studies on cooperation models and issues ofequalisation in  functional areas

Forensic Activities

  • Represent municipalities in the case of appeals against referendums


  • Director of the Canton of Bern’s Association of Municipalities (protection of municipalities‘ interests, lobbying, advice to members)

Participation in expert committees, such as:

  • Various projects on the division of responsibilities between different levels of government
  • Equalisation of finances and burdens
  • Unified Police
  • Municipal Law

Participation of legislative processes

  • Law making (Regulation at federal level claws)
  • Cantonal legislation (constitution, ordinances)
  • Municipal legislation (Municipal Code, laws, ordinances)

Administrative investigations

  • Investigations for the Confederation, cantons and municipalities
  • Fact-finding
  • Assessment of results
  • Proposals for legal consequences

Association Governance

  • Organisation and re-organisation of national and international associations
  • Models and implementation of governance issues (such as membership categories, chambers, weighting votes, financing)

Creating Health Networks

  • Linking and integrating actors of basic health care
  • Foundation of necessary organisations

State building in Development Cooperation

  • Good Governance, decentralisation and local self-governance (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Mozambique, Bosnia, Tajikistan, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo)


  • Lecturer in municipal matters at universities, universities of applied sciences, and further education in the area of municipalities


  • Collaborator in Research Programs of the Swiss National Science Foundation (NRP 25 City and Traffic, SNP Future Switzerland)
  • Publications