Recht & Governance

About Us

Who we are

As attorneys, we are familiar with issues related to law, state and organisation; we are interested in economic contexts, society and politics, and how these spheres are linked.

What we do

We advise, assist and represent clients in cases regarding state and administrative law, in questions related to steering and management of municipalities and other organisations (governance), as well as in drafting and implementing reform projects and in temporary management.

Who we work for

We work for municipalities, cantons, the federal government and other organisations in the context of public affairs, domestic and abroad.

How we work

We are independent, interdisciplinary, practical and focused on implementation. Together with our clients we define the extent, modalities and the procedure of our mandates.

Why we are special

We combine an academic background with a holistic, open view of complex situations, along with a sound comprehension of the social, economic and political environments.